News: SPRING 2024

On Drawing Exhibition Poster

On Drawing

Five artists based in the North and four researchers from Oxford University contribute a diverse collection of tiny drawings and text for the Rolodex machines. On the gallery walls, accompanying this presentation, will be a display of the artist’s full size original drawings.

Preview 10th of May, 5 to 8pm
Open Weekends
11th & 12 and 18th & 19th May 2024
from 11am to 5pm

The Wall North Contemporary
1 Legion House,
8 Beaufront Park,
Anick Road,
Hexham, NE46 4TU

News: July / August / September 2023


Studio work continuing with various different but related ideas.

News: June 2023


Roses, the most exquisite of flowers; impossible to portray the subtlety of the colour in these drawings.

News: May 2023


This day, when Life Drawing, I found the beauty and poise the model captivating.

News: April 2023


The practice of Life Drawing continues... these drawings are about volume/form and weight.

News: March 2023

Bondi/Man Rosetree nearing completion


Continuing studio work Bondi/Man Rosetree nearing completion 54.5x120cm.
Graphite and watercolour on white paper.

News: February 2023


Life drawing practice in the unusual venue of a lecture theatre in The Storey Lancaster.

News: January 2023


Practice of Life Drawing continues in Hexham.

News: December 2022


‘Thoughts about caged entrapment’ must continue with idea soon.

News: November 2022

The finnished new studio

Mid November and wonderful studio in Lancashire is now completed.

News: October 2022


Earlier this year while in Australia I completed ' Bondi/Man', using 2 sheets of A1 cartridge.

On return, following numerous exploratory drawings I now work with the idea of 'Rosetree/Man', a progressing large drawing.